Above the Trees

by Nadia Schilling

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released November 21, 2017

Nádia Schilling: vocals & rhythm guitars
Bruno Pedroso: drums
Filipe Melo: piano & rhodes
João Hasselberg: bass & double bass

Mário Delgado: electric guitars (songs 4, 5)
João Firmino: electric guitars (3, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Marina Vello: vocals (8)
Raquel Pimpão: piano (4), glockenspiel and keyboards (9, 11)
João Branco: rhythm guitar (4)
Sónia Matos: french horn

Ana Pereira: Violin (1, 2, 5, 10)
Ana Filipa Serrão: Violin (1, 2, 5)
Ana Cláudia Serrão: Cello (1, 2, 5, 6, 10)
Joana Cipriano: Viola (1, 2, 5, 10)

Backing Vocals: Pedro Zina, Gonçalo Formiga, João Hasselberg, Marta Hugon, Raquel Pimpão, João Branco, Catarina Branco & Sabina Louro (song 9)

Recorded by Nuno Monteiro
Additional Recordings by Gonçalo Formiga, João Branco, Mário Delgado & Nádia Schilling

Mixed by Nelson Carvalho at Valentim de Carvalho Studios, Lisbon.
Mastered by Andy VanDette Mastering, New York.
Produced by Nádia Schilling & João Pombeiro

All Music and Lyrics by Nádia Schilling

Artwork by João Pombeiro


all rights reserved



Nadia Schilling Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal

Singer-Songwriter & Landscape Architect

Also member of loopooloo

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Track Name: Kite
We might fall
Try to lurk
behind the scenes
We might sour
with all that's coming in
And where to go
When love seems to be lost?
Nowhere to turn,
if we can't spin stories
and laugh

Could our ways
Be some new kind of bizarre?
And our hearts
be mostly wrecked,
under fire?
I walk those trails,
but they never bring you back
Keep changing reels
where you don't take any part

I'm losing faith
But I'll run to you tonight
Through hurricanes
You keep playing me like a kite
And I don't know how
To keep you by my side
Keep you by my side
Keep you by my side
Track Name: Sure Thing
Seems I lost all the things you brought into my life.
Seems I found some kind of easy way out when I said:
“Dear, sure thing!"
I was drunk enough to go for anything.
I went straight to a blind chance, straigh into a wall.

I could jump, find some clear cut reason
And pretend you might show up.
I could morn, look for all sorts of secret,
and believe you're at my door
But you're just some dirty deck of bad cards
You're just this crippled and emotionless "charm"

Guess it hurts but not that much as having you around
All I've done was yearn for your love
Until you got numb and blind
Cover up your blank guns and holes
And cast back to your cloud
All I know is I'm happy to go and leave you behind

Fade away and keep all the blame.
I'll walk in the sun.
Track Name: Bad As Me
Begin a new beginning
I hold ten slots
One awful song
Got out, now got to run
When all my dreams keep falling down
(But I'll turn all this around)

Begin a hundred times
Even with nauseas of all kinds
Should throw the raft away
I'll find some flashlight on my way
(I won't pretend to be the same)

Some say the end is there
But I can't see it from where I stand
Some say the world still turns
There's sun in China it might show up

Forgive the back and forth
Some anchors drop, crush what it's worth
But you know, you're bad as me
Don't run for cover, walk on your feet
(Even when sore, tired and beat)
Track Name: Gloom Song
Dark clouds and empty roads
I'll drive 'till I can leave you behind
Leave the dreams, leave the past
Though I thought it could last
For you got away too soon
And left me in gloom

Ten miles a fake new heart
No moon and I'll be dragged to the start
Truth is you're more to me
Than I thought you could be
And you got away too soon and left me in gloom

Did you know that I'd miss you?
Holding pain that won't let me cry
Did you know, could you know,
That I'd miss you?

Good times and happy days
Life's mostly light side and it's funny ways
That's how you lived, outside the doom
That's how I'll keep remembering you
Track Name: Autumn Storm
He seemed tired, out of strength
Seemed so far from who he had been
All my fears out of hand
All the flowers that I couldn't bring

How can I make it on my own?
Without the one that could carry me home?

As dawn began to break
And our hearts just lost the race
A storm drift in from and outside
When his eyes set for a goodbye

Birds got quiet, hid in trees
Even tough men got haunted by tears
World got hammered, turned to stone
With Autumn wind blows
Came thundering down

How can I make it on my own?
Without the one that could carry me home?
Track Name: About Intrigue
Though it's unspoken
Though it's unspoken, we carry our lies
Though I'll be gone
Though I'll be gone, I'd just leave for a while

And know we'd still carry some grace
And hold the warm touch of ablaze
If you turned this ship
Called your crows aside

Words fall apart I can't breath
Dig all my fears, I don't care about intrigue
Dig and get lost or forgo
I'm still in love but I'll leave you alone
Track Name: Misfire ft. Marina Gasolina
If you think there's a fire, you're wrong
As I told you, more than one time, my heart is gone
Pack your funny adventures, your poems and leave this door
Don't hold on to the dusk of my feelings anymore

All those words, they mean nothing to me
They're just wolves that you feed and lay down at your feet
They're just countless deceptions that own you long past bedtime
And even though I'm a monster you know you'll still be alright

Take a break, leave the high wire
Hold the plane crash, just let it misfire
Tear those walls, don't wear that dark suit
Drown in this floor, hunt me down

Don't look back, I've got no bravery
Just got used to the spare parts the unhearted me
Promise to miss you dearly but not to repent this crime
'cause you know I got lost, got damaged by war and time
Track Name: Old Carousel
Would you take me to ride
On that old carousel
Find my place, find my smile
In that faded photograph
Climb bent rooftops
Meet me there, growing wise
Go on our shore
Dance with ghosts for a while

Sometimes the wind brings it back
Whispers our name in the dark
Swimming through nightmares and dreams
We forget to wonder how nothing ever lasts

Come a little close and help me find if there's a way, inside
Though we're losing sight we've so much hidden in our dark and glimmering lights

Would you cross my scars
Crave for falling and meaningful odds
Act with some faith, overturn what you see
Hold tomorrow’s, carve your softness in me
Track Name: Green Leaves
Green leaves that fall before their time
Wind blows so strong you want to hide
And what can one do with a defeated heart
When it slows down a little or beats too fast

Maybe, even burned we can fly
Maybe just unwind for a while
Even with you gone I will still carry on
I just wanted to come home one last time

No sound coming from your door
No laughter, no softness, no more love
And when the light hides we face a long way to go
So far from the life we used to know

Maybe, even burned we can fly
Maybe just unwind for a while
Even with you gone I will still carry on
I just wanted to come home one last time
Track Name: Cardboard Silhouettes
All gone all so far from now
Will you still tie, untie, my mouth?
Will abyss be missed or sunk in wine?
Will discord be easy lovers ground?

You're so sweet, while asleep
And mumbling to be found
Further away, with no regrets
Will we turn cardboard silhouettes?

Here, gone, aside our caustic soul
Beyond worth, unworth, we're awkward sorts
Will you still hold, behold our post-war spark?
Light with grace or feel in fiber-glass?
Track Name: So We're Here
So we're here, running out of time
It's the end of an unrehearsed line
Please don't fear, let the window down
Can you walk, hold your truth, your hound?

I am more, than you'll ever see
We walked off rails, got bittersweet
Why strung out for miles, in vain
You know, spare the wounds just seize the day

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